Preventing Mis happenings at the Workplace

Though it is said that one should trust his/her employees completely for a matter of fact you should remove the completely. This is not some kind of a war induce against your employees and you but it is a fact. Many of you might be aware of the phrase Clocking in and out. Well, it is the time at which one employee comes and leaves.

Now, some employees completely forget to input this data required. They genuinely do not realize the importance of this but the clock in and clock out time are the things that determine their pay and salary.

It is not said that the employees do it intentionally. While some might be interested in time theft, others might have just by mistake forgotten about it.

Time Theft is when the employees try to play with the system. They might not enter their clock in or out data accurately so that they can be paid extra for the work which was never done by them. They might also want to have extra-long breaks to enjoy leisure time.

Well, employee monitoring software might come in handy for such problems. This software enables the employer to know the activities and log in as well as log out time of the employee’s monitor. Such an employee monitoring software is Work Examiner. It is a must recommended by many of its users.

The Work Examiner is also an internet monitoring software that gives a complete report to the employer about the time spent by the employees on a particular website. The login and log-out info might help with the clock in or out system.

However, let us suggest some ways of improving this system.

Ways of Preventing Clock in or Out

  • Policy on the clock in or out – The first step of any company should be to formulate and implement a policy considering the clock in or out the issue. It should be a well-defined document highlighting the importance and need of time in or out. Moreover, suitable actions against the breach of policy must also be given.
  • Switch to an advanced tool – If you feel that your employees would not actually cheat you and that it is some genuine problem then it is time for you to change your tool of clocking in or out. Switch to advance and you will get the results.

Thus, you must not immediately think that your employees are at fault. It might be your system that is not working efficiently and truthfully. Moreover, for the initial stage, you might consider using an employee monitoring software as it also gives you some important information regarding to the login and log out. This might help in the initial stage of the clock in or out.

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