How to adapt your SEO Strategy in Uncertain times

Between ongoing health aspects of the pandemic and the devastating economic side effects, a question most businesses are asking is if investing in SEO is still good during the covid-19 outbreak. If you’ve seen a dip in your organic traffic on your eCommerce website development in India or maybe you’re facing a tighter budget or pressure to increase your sales quickly to avoid potential losses. On top of that managing the work from home structure or creating a new work schedule while trying to minimize distractions can be difficult. As tempting as hunkering down sounds, your SEO strategies and marketing campaigns can actually help you gain a good footing when the rest of the world eventually recovers. Here are a couple of tips on how to adjust your SEO approach to suit certain circumstances.

As an SEO service in India will tell you,investing in SEO doesn’t just mean you need to roll out entirely new campaigns or start new initiatives from scratch. Instead, try shifting your focus to simpler and more effective tactics if possible. These include:

  • Change up your meta description and your titles to get back lost traffic

If your organic traffic has dipped then optimizing your metal tags can be a quick and easy way to bring more customers to your site. You can increase impressions and engagement just by modifying your title tag, this is something that most companies don’t bother updating, but it can be important and you can easily gain from doing this.

  • Refreshing and reusing old content

Updating meta tags is a great way to get the best possible value out of your content, but another strategy you can try is refreshing the content you have already created. Firstly, check your content decay, this means content that has been declining in traffic over the last year or so. Remember that search engines prioritize fresh content. A content decay tool like ClickFlow can be a great way to identify the pages on your site that are declining in traffic and rankings, updating or optimizing these pages can help you win back traffic and have a shot at regaining your position in the market with very little effort. You can even think of the content opportunities you want to start, since content take some time to make a lasting impact, you can start strategizing new content now and publish it once this period is over.

  • Check your tone of voice

As an eCommerce website development in India, this is an important consideration for brands during the pandemic. No matter what kind of content you are producing, always check your tone, now maybe not the best time for selling or keeping a bubbly brand presence if that’s how you’ve defined your tone in the past. You need to keep in mind the people you’re sending content to and the kinds of emotions they are feeling now and your brand should never come off as insensitive. Pay particular attention not to just new content or sales or promotions but to the messages you are sending on social media handles as well. Ensure that even your autoresponders are sensitive to the given situation.

Final Thoughts

Making decisions such as these can be quite challenging given the time but having an experienced SEO or a digital marketing team by your side can make all the difference between coming out stronger and getting left behind. A professional and experienced team can advise you on what to do and what strategies to implement so that your website and products will not suffer. They will put together an action plan so you can implement the right techniques.

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