Get to Know about Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is exactly what you can predict from its name: a server that is highly dedicated to the website and its needs. No similar to that of a shared server, all the resources are all yours and not any other website can access them.

It leads to enhanced speed, security, and reliability. In addition to this, you can also have full control over how the server gets set up, involving the configuration and options available for custom software. A dedicated server price is known as the one with top performance and having a lot of options available.

What do you require to need a dedicated server?

We can think of a dedicated server as the one that you owe. No one will ever bother you and you can do as you would like to do.

Whereas a shared is the one, under which you are residing in a condo where everything is shared with others. A dedicated server allows you a lot of things as defined below:

  • Uptime for all day and night
  • Fast speed for connections.
  • Less risk involved in virus attacks
  • Maintenance required on flying

Specifically, dedicated servers are not designed for a single purpose. They can be easily used to host a game server, sites, and anything else that needs a place for more than one computer to store all data and read all files.

The benefits of a dedicated server

Here, we have enlisted some of the prod related to dedicated hosting from HostingRaja and we need to take a peek at these below.

Security & control

The first and foremost benefit of a dedicated server is to keep an eye on overall security measures. If you are in compliance with all regulatory industry and are charged by maintaining the site’s privacy and info, you cannot share a server with any other company. It is due to the reason that you cannot enable the possibility that one of them might able to access the data and customer info is available on the server.

If you’re operating on the same server with some attackers or servers, then it is more likely to spread malicious viruses and this will open the site for security problems. Your site may shut down if the authorities seize your server because any other site has some viruses or malware. If the website manages credit card transactions or some other data, then it needs to be encrypted and guarded closely, it is better to go with a dedicated server price.

As a mode of maintaining server security, you can install all high-rated security as available. Not only this, but your data will also be secured, and even the apps as well as customer info. One aspect that is so appealing includes that the business owner has full control of the site, with no bending needs of some other managed hosting.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is available, through which you can take full advantage of all server set-up to meet your requirements and assist you with regular updates as well as maintenance.

No Shared Resources

Through the shared server, you can face a lot of loopholes placed by opting for shared resources. It means that the processing power of the CPU and RAM all are distributed with some other sites using the same server. If a website on the server is operating a bad script, then it eats up large memory and impacts the performance of your website.

The same is accurate in case if the other website holds large traffic. It may lead to eat up bandwidth and slow down the site significantly. Also, the shoppers may tackle slow loading times with low quality.

But with the dedicated server, you can enjoy all resources alone, and no need to share them with anyone. Also, you have a high quality and the loading time of the website will spike.

Check out the plans for a dedicated server from HostingRaja here.

The dedicated server is the one that proffers security, stability, and data privacy for all sites at a price that will not break your bank. Thus, it is better to go with a secured one rather than a shared one.

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