What are all the illegal things that we need to be aware of?

There are a lot of illegal things that are going on in the country and there are a lot of innocent people who are getting affected by them. We all live in a world where we may thing like IG hack, crime and all the other illegal things that is been going on in front of us is something which is happening because of these online social networking sites specially now a day where people are just so insecure about all the things that is going on in their lives. In the recent past few years we have come across so many incidences where people are suffering a lot because of this online insecurity thing and there is nothing people can do to stop. These are the things only the official sites need to handle. If they can come up with something safer for each and every one of and tracking all those people who are looking for such illegal thing then it will become really really easy for tracking all the criminals andreducing all the criminal activities. It was never an intention of these sites to get into other people’s privacy because everyone should have their own privacy and we totally agree on that. These are those small things that we really need to keep in mind if we want to avoid these criminal activities from our society. These sites have tried their best to stop all these activities and we can see the change as well but if it will continue to be this way then its fine otherwise these sites need to come up with something strange but we can’t just stay on using this if it can even promise basic security. Social networking sites are the real trend and we all love using such sites and creating our own identity in the order to show other people that we also still exist.

Why is it important to keep your account private nowadays?

Social networking sites like instagram is something where you share your everyday thing with all the other people so you really need to make sure that you are following all the known people. There is lot of people who just randomly accept everyone’s follow request in the race to increase their followers but they need to understand these are the things that leads to crime in the end through hackers.

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