Solid Foundations for SEO

Getting to the top spot on Google is the Holy Grail for every business, web designer and SEO specialist. Anyone who’s tried will know just how difficult it can be, and the best way to make a solid start is to get your foundations right.

How do you do that? Well, the best way would be to have a full audit of your website and your marketing plan. However, these don’t come cheap, and we’ve seen professional SEO audits range from £1000 through to £10,000+, depending on business type and needs.

However, we’ve stumbled upon a neat automated SEO tool from PROMedia66, a Manchester (United Kingdom) based agency. As you’d expect, they’ll ask you for your email address in exchange for a full audit, but that seems a fair exchange, based on the thousands of pounds it would have cost them to develop this tool.

The audit is the most comprehensive we’ve seen, when it comes to automated tools, and what’s more, not only are you given everything on screen, but there’s also a free option to download it as a PDF, saving that useful info to work on, little by little.

What’s covered in the audit tool?

To start with, you’ll be given an overview score, and you can easily see what’s passed, what needs improving and what errors need correcting.

I’ve often believed that simple SEO is effective SEO, and the software is able to catch some of the basics that you may have missed. Things like Alt Attribute missing from images (it found 21 on our site!), whether your website is indexed correctly by Google, how many backlinks you have to your website, load time (especially useful with the new Google Page Experience update recently rolled out), mobile friendliness and a number of other useful things.

It will even give you an estimated worth of your website should you ever consider selling it.

We’re not fooling anyone in thinking this SEO Audit will give you everything you need. There’s nothing like having a professional look over your website, combing through each and every page, looking for tweaks and improvements, as well as having an understanding of the big picture of where your marketing is going, but if you just want to test the waters, then this audit tool is a great place to start.

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