How Long Does a Laptop Last? An Expert Guide

When planning to invest in a laptop, we usually try to balance our budget with our wants and needs. And once we are done buying it, we plan on how to take good care of it. After all, it is not just a machine but a means for our survival during difficult times. We just got it and want it to last, but that’s not that easy. We end up wondering how long our device will last or at what point it will need an upgrade or a replacement. Here’s a guide right from the experts working at computer repair service in Cleveland that will contribute to the lifespan of your laptop. Read on. 


To determine the lifespan of your device, you first need to ascertain what the machine is made up of, and this includes a processor, video cards, RAM, and storage. Otherwise, to get better hardware, you need to spend more money. This means if you spend less, chances are the device will last for 2-4years. But if you spend a little more on it as well as its accompanying hardware, it should last at least 3-5 years. Most you can expect 4-7 years of lifespan of a laptop, that too when you have spent a lot. 

Understand that spending more money will probably get you a durable laptop because, with more money, you get more and better features. 


Do you need a laptop for browsing the internet and send emails, or are you planning on turning the device into your game station? Simply put, if your desired tasks are more demanding, they might age sooner than expected. Some common, high-intensity tasks that tire your computer out are video editing, graphic design, and gaming. However, if you use it in a non-intensive fashion, it can last for a bit more time. If your laptop is well-built, it can handle less demanding tasks like browsing the web, sending emails, and watching videos. 


Remember that things might seem to be working fine now, but somehow you may have taken some time off of your device’s lifespan because of heavy tasking. So, be it liquids or food crumbs, keep them aside as they can sink down through the keys and cause damage once spilt on your laptop. Furthermore, make sure you carry the device in a bag or case whenever travelling with it. It doesn’t come easy or cheap, so keep it safe. 


There are a few things that you do and make your laptop last longer. Whenever you are performing a high-intensity task and notice your device getting hot, try to limit the use of demanding tasks and use the laptop in a well-ventilated area. Just like us, even your laptop reacts adversely to the rapidly changing temperatures and gets sick. Thus, if it is cold and you come home with the device from outside, allow it to come back to room temperature before using it. Wipe the screen regularly to prevent further damage and keep it looking its best. But make sure you use approved chemicals and wipes, not your t-shirt. Collectively, all these efforts will help increase the lifespan of your device. 


Well, that depends! First, it is important to remember that not every device is built equally. You can invest in both a bit low-class but efficient machine and a well-built machine. But if you choose the latter, take good care of it. This way you be able to enjoy it for quite a while. Otherwise, you will most probably end up spending hefty money on computer repair in Cleveland or even losing the durability of your device.

Summary: Do you wonder how long your laptop will last? Well, that depends on the type of tasks you perform on the device and how often you indulge in computer repair in Cleveland.

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