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What Are The Most Common Iot Application?

This technology is already part of our routine. Gradually, it gained space in common objects such as clocks, cell phones, and even in our house. See IoT app examples that show how this new thing is closer than we think.


One of the main examples of the internet of things is the smartwatch. Connected to the smartphone via IoT, the smartwatch becomes extremely practical. That’s because it not only optimizes the phone’s functions it also extends its capacity. Heart rate and physical activity monitoring systems are good examples of this.

Smart Homes

In smart homes, electronics which is one of best smart home products communicate with a smartphone to allow the user to manage environments in the palm of their hand. Smart refrigerators, vending systems, television, and lighting are just a few examples. To go even further, control can be done via voice command!

Smart Cars

Autonomous vehicles are getting smarter thanks to IoT. With technology, they can communicate with their mobile device and exchange data. They can also optimize the route in real-time and promote safer and more economical driving.

Industrial Sensors

The Internet of Things in Industry 4.0 acts as one of the essential technologies. Through sensors implanted in the machines, the factory becomes more intelligent, which means managing its activities.  The collected data can be sent to the management system (ERP), for example, so that product performance can also bring positive impacts to the company’s management.

Retail Automation

The IoT in retail allows automation in the business, for example, identifying the times of greatest customer flow. It is also possible to find out which areas of the store are more frequented, get to know the target audience better, etc.

For this, a solution is adopted to map the data provided by the establishment’s customers. It is worth noting that the Internet of Things also allows you to optimize inventory management by monitoring the level of products on the shelves in real-time.

Smart Cities

The concept of smart cities involves the application of digital technologies to improve the population’s well-being. The focus must always be on the specific demand of that region, which does not prevent adopting strategies that have been successful elsewhere. In Barcelona, ​​for example, the waste collection system was fully automated and worked under a vacuum, as an underground network connects the dumps. Tel Aviv, Israel, in turn, has an extensive public security system. IoT works on smart cameras to improve response time to incidents.

Technology In Favor Of People

As you can see, the applications of the Internet of Things are many. Many benefits are from integrating corporate data in the management system (ERP) to home use. Therefore, invest in the modernization of your technological infrastructure and achieve even better results in your company. Now that you know everything about IoT take the opportunity to learn about how solutions like this can help your business. Also, understand about another technology, Artificial Intelligence, and its main applications.

The Impact Of Technology On Society

The optimization of activities does not only occur in the market, but it is also extensive in the home environment and cities as a whole. The well-being of the population is an important focus of technology — something already being taken advantage of by governments around the world.


Information can generate value, promoting more effective decision-making in the operational routine. In this sense, one of the main impacts of the IoT is the speed gain in data transfers.

Human intervention is no longer the main vector for data collection and storage through wireless and automated connections—no wonder the range of Internet of Things applications in retail and industry is so large.


IoT tends to reduce the use of electrical cables and wires, benefiting businesses and home users. Communication “over the air” should take almost absolute proportions in the coming years, at least for data exchange. You may also interested to know more about wifi light switch no neutral wire.

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